The Great Reset

Releasing The Old, Aligning To The New You!

Get in Alignment to the

Greatest Cosmic Event of the Planet
and Enter the Energies of 
The New Earth!

Get the new frequencies, create your new story,

Get clarity and plan the next in your life from 

The New Earth’s  perspective!


During the most powerful cosmic event in over 2,000 years,

a galactic portal is open to create a 

Great Reset at Planetary Level in Humanity! 


This is a
Lifetime Opportunity 
To activate the new light codes and reset to the new energies!


Online Retreat

  • Recalibrations of the new frequencies, light codes and DNA

  • Awakening the 5D consciousness

  • Connecting with your soul gifts and life purpose

  • Aligning mind, body, emotions and spirit to be in coherence

  • Create a new story and a plan

  • Create action steps for 2021 

My work with Lety as my Conscious Business Coach, has made the difference between succeeding and failing. She has helped me mastermind my current professional outreach. In all honesty, I didn’t have the technical skills for online platforms or the self-confidence to work with them. 

The remarkable thing about Lety is her combination of tech savvy, artistry, and spiritual awareness. She knows who I am at a soul level — and then helps me bring that forward with her intuitive guidance. Now I am expressing myself with technical skills in my profession in a way I didn’t know was possible. We started with me riding my bike with the training wheels on — and now I’m calling out, “Look Ma — no hands!”  

Anita Eubank, Intuitive Counselor 

“The Soul Speaker”

Feel a burning desire to a better version of yourself 
Are ready to speed up your evolution and upgrade your life
Want to connect with your intuition, your essence and your purpose
Want to enter the 5D Consciousness 
In This 2-Day Retreat You Will

Discover new possibilities 

Tap into your intuition and essence 

Get clarity and direction to

Visualize your purpose and the new way of living  

Plan and create strategic action steps 

See the obstacles that might arise and

Plan how to remove them!

Lety Martínez

Seeing the world from an achiever's mind and being a perfectionist was a way to reach to important goals in Lety's life and business, but it was the hard-left-brain way of being successful. 

It took her into deeper understandings to breakthrough and shift to get into the right-brain way and then to find a more right-left balanced approach where she connected inspiration, intuition and her creative nature combined with structure, strategy and technology... and from 3D to 5D consciousness!

The life quality changed to higher levels at mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and in business and relationships!  

Now Lety helps people around the world that want to up level their lives and business based on their essence and life purpose.

The Online Retreat


  • Powerful 5D meditations and attunements to connect with the new frequencies

  • Rituals to activate your DNA and light codes

  • Handouts with actionable powerful steps to create your plan 

  • Personalized mentoring 

When & Where

Zoom Conference Room

You will get a link by email to join 


Monday Dec. 21 - 11am - 1pm CST

Tuesday Dec. 22 - 11am - 1pm CST

You'll also get a recording of the 2 days

To review and reinforce your work

$88 USD

Non-Refundable Offer