Clients Are Saying

My life changed in 3 weeks!

"My life made a full shift in all aspects after working with Lety and following her guidance during the process. My dream of moving to lake Chapala since 10 years ago came true! I found the ideal home for my family and all opened for us to make the move. 
Everything cleared with a property that I thought I was going to lose and I recovered it! The payments that were not coming cleared and money started flowing… even the symptoms that I had in the past months dissipated and I won’t have to get surgery anymore! 
I am impressed of how Lety helps moving and unblocking the energy and how everything clears and starts flowing… it’s magical!!… and all these happened in only 3 weeks!! I feel super grateful and blessed."

~ Patty B. Yoga Instructor. Guadalajara, Mexico.

Absolutely over-the-top!

“My experience with Leticia’s Human Design session was absolutely over-the-top! She provided so much excellent information that is life-changing for me. I had previously ordered an automated reading from the internet, which, I thought was very good, however, I didn’t really understand it. Lety added information that was about 10 layers deep!!! I found everything to be so “right on”!!! I had so many “ah-ha’s”… I was actually blown away! Information that I can use to make important decisions and create happier situations for myself and my family. I am extremely grateful for her professionalism and her compassion and knowledge.”

~ Mondy Pahlka, Houston, Texas

A karmic pattern from another lifetime dissolved!

“Leticia is a special woman who’s spirit vibration is very high. Her work is impeccable - of the highest quality. I recently received an Akashic Records Reading.
Leticia’s skill and talent at being able to access the Akashic Records and then interpret them uniquely to each individual she works with is remarkable. Her work with me was affirming and revealing. 
She was able to eliminate a karmic pattern which had been causing me emotional pain in this lifetime. 
I’m tremendously grateful to her.”

~ Anita Eubank. Founder of "The Healing Studio of the Green Door". Santa Barbara, CA. Energy Healer & Arts Therapist at Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA.

I got clarity and focus on my path!

“Lety is an intuitive guide who harness wisdom from something greater than the school of business. She has helped me gain clarity and focus on my path. I highly recommend her as both a business mentor and a guide and confidante. ”

~ Niki Trosky. Author & Retreat Guide. Canada.

6 times increase! 

A key: "never make a decision based on fear."

Lety was a key element for me when I launched my business that is my passion... I felt all her support during the process.  Our growth has a 6 times increase in sales since we started 4 years ago! We began with 5 classes per week and we have 16 and counting now! We had 2 instructors, now we are 8... and we are a source of income for others. 

There was something that will stay in my mind that Lety told me once: "never make decisions based on fear because you won't get the ideal results." 

I am passionate of what I do and I know we have everything now to keep growing! 

Thank you Lety! 

~ Fer Rosales. Exercise franchise owner. Cancun, Mexico.

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