Open The Flow Of Energy


In life, I know that things can change and what was working for you in the past, needs to redirect. It might be time for a new living situation, a new job or business, a new way of doing what you are doing, a new relationship, a new economy! 

But I also know that even when setting the best intentions, it might not be easy to make the changes and you might get stuck in trying one thing and another not getting to the desired results... for years! 


Because of this, I designed a 

3-Month Program

that will give you a 

Total Spring Reset  

Release The Flow Of New Energy

Human Design, Mayan Cosmology, Akashic Records and Akashic Home Clearing are the main Soul Technologies that we will use in our work together. They are the maps and compass that show in an objective way how your unique type of energy functions, who you are at Soul level, your gifts, profile, attributes, shadows, blockages, the type of your energy and the best way to use your energy that is in alignment with your purpose to reach abundance, fulfillment and joy!


The spin cycle and clear the energy that is in your way blocking you


And learn how your unique type of energy works and who you are at Soul level


Your awareness and learn how to integrate the new energy in your life

What You Can Accomplish With

Your New Energy

In A Spring Reset  

When you unblock and clear your energy and get aware of the root cause, you can change your energy for something new in your life and avoid getting back into the old patterns. 


When the new flow of energy enters your system, it affects all aspects of your life and things move to open your path in different ways.  

You might expect flow of money, new relationships, a wider range of perception that allows for new opportunities. You can also see nagging physical symptoms disappearing, relationships that are not good for you dissolving, people or situations that didn't let you flow leaving you...


The new energy opens a new flow in your life!    

My Life Changed In Only 3 Weeks!

“My life made a full shift in all aspects after working with Lety and following her guidance during the process. My dream of moving to lake Chapala since 10 years ago came true! I found the ideal home for my family and all opened for us to make the move. 
Everything cleared with a property that I thought I was going to lose and I recovered it! The payments that were not coming cleared and money started flowing… even the symptoms that I had in the past months dissipated and I won’t have to get surgery anymore! 
I am impressed of how Lety helps moving and unblocking the energy and how everything clears and starts flowing… it’s magical!!… and all these happened in only 3 weeks!! I feel super grateful and blessed.”

— Paty B. - Yoga Instructor. Guadalajara, Mexico.

Absolutely Over-The-Top!

“My experience with Leticia’s Human Design session was absolutely over-the-top! She provided so much excellent information that is life-changing for me. I had previously ordered an automated reading from the internet, which, I thought was very good, however, I didn’t really understand it. 
Lety added information that was about 10 layers deep!!! I found everything to be so “right on”!!! I had so many “ah-ha’s”… I was actually blown away! Information that I can use to make important decisions and create happier situations for myself and my family. 
I am extremely grateful for her professionalism and her compassion and knowledge.”

— Mondy Pahlka, Houston, Texas




Accelerate, Emerge & Shine


Akashic Home Clearing



  • 3 Months (2 sessions per month)

  • 2 Soul Technologies as your maps

  • Understanding your Soul Profile

  • Unblocking, clearing & healing the energy

  • Understanding your blocks and restrictions

  • Understanding your corrections in this or past lifetimes

  • Understanding how your energy works

  • Understanding how to maintain the flow of energy

  • Opening your awareness and consciousness

  • Understanding how to apply the new energy to manifest in your life

  • Integration process instructions and support


VALUE $1,444

Accelerate + Akashic Clearing 

Pay  Only $1,111

SAVE $333

Or 3 Monthly Payments of  $377


About Leticia

Leticia Martinez Urrea, is on a mission to help “The New Earth People” uncover their Soul Design and Soul Gifts to embody and shine their Light. She’s the creator of Your Soul Treasures, known as a luminary of consciousness.

Serving clients internationally form all walks of life, Leticia guides them into a deep, powerful and full of treasures journey, where she unblocks and clears the energy from this and past lifetimes. She teaches how to break negative patterns and beliefs. Leticia helps people understand how to realign with their own natural life cycles and the new vibrations of the planet. She reveals and shows how to use specific strategies to operate each unique human experience according to its own Soul Design.  

She is an Akashic Records practitioner and holds certifications on Mayan Cosmology, Human Design, Energy and Dimensional Healing, Reiki, and Numerology. She’s an avid student of the Gene Keys and Metaphysics.