Soul Technologies

Are tools that you can use to discover who you are at Soul level,

your Divine Gifts and your Soul Purpose. 


Upgrade Your Life and Business!

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Energetic library where the information of all your lifetimes is recorded. Discover your main energy centers of your essence, your Soul group and release energetic blockages. Read more


A bio-energetic map that shows your personality and your essence. Discover your inner-authority and strategy to live a life resistance-free and your actual level of consciousness.

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Work on a business in alignment with your essence. Learn how to attract ideal clients constantly, stop working non-stop on trying to figure it out and not making enough money.

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Working with the Mayan wisdom, you can discover your strengths, challenges, guide, what is hidden from you and your support. Discover your Mayan Signature and enter the New Matrix.

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Clearing the energy of your space is vital for your health, your well being, to help the flow of energy in all aspects of your life so you can be in alignment and harmony.

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Reset Process

special program

3 Month Program

See where you are and where you want to go

Release blockages, limiting beliefs and negative patterns

Discover and own your highest potential

Develop a clear plan of action

Check in which of the 3 levels of consciousness you are

right now and how to get to the next level

Get DNA activation and upgrades

Understand the old matrix and the new matrix

to start operating in the new paradigm

You will dive into your core essence intensively


You will be supported


It will be a mix of awareness, consciousness,

processing energies and

enjoying the process! 


I will hold you under my wings so the ride gets easier!



Weekly master classes on video

Monthly private session

A plan of action

Follow-up Support

Divine messages

And more!

I will intuitively be using all the

Soul Technologies


Akashic Records, Angels, Crystals, Gene Keys, Mayan Cosmology, Numerology,

Human Design, Rituals...


Are you ready?

Let's do it!!

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