Raising your vibration

Reconnect To Your Divine Self Expression

Helping You Remember

Discover your Divine Gifts and Soul Purpose

and learn how to use the Universal energy

available to create magic in your life!

Connect with the New Earth Frequencies in a program of

self discovery, exploration and realization.


Tap into your Soul essence with the Akashic field,

the Mayan's wisdom and your Divine and unique self-expression,

Raising your Vibration.  

Membership Program

Discover How To

See through 5D Lenses
Tap into the Akashic Field
Trust Your Intuition
Your Energy Support Kit I
Your Energy Support Kit II
Your Energy Support Kit III
Decoding Divine Messages
Own & Use Your Divine Gifts
Power Rituals
Conscious Manifestation
Integration Process
  • Time Shift

  • Mayan Identities

  • From 3D to 5D

  • Understanding Energy and Vibration

  • The Art of Questions

  • Universal Laws

  • Quantum Field 

  • Your Cosmic Family

  • Pendulum and Magic Wand

  • When to Know It's Your Ego

  • Journey from the Mind to the Heart

  • Angels - Your Team and Others

  • Guides - Who Are They and How to Connect with Them

  • Masters - Access to Them

  • Communication with Body and Emotions

  • The Ego's Work

  • The World of Symbolism

  • Your Senses Your Antennas

  • The World of Dreams 

  • The Core of Your Essence

  • Your Life Purpose

  • Tap Into Your Power and Magic

  • Magnetize Your Intentions

  • 3 Aspects that Need to Be in Coherence

  • How It Works

  • What Happens when the Old Energy Leaves Your System 

  • Integration Time and Consciousness 

This is only the tip of the iceberg of what is in it for you!

Membership Program


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Weekly Master Classes

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Light Codes, DNA and 5D Activations

You can enter at any time and will have access to the material

for the time of your membership.


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