Stuck Energy?

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

Everything is energy, both physical things such as your home, your body, plants, a chair, the clouds, animals or anything you see, as well as non material things or things you can't see like your thoughts, your mood, the air, your feelings or emotions, your personality and ego, your energetic system. Even if you can't see it, it exists!

There are also energies that can't be seen from other dimensions like spirits and different types of entities, energetic portals, and limiting beliefs and negative thought forms.

What is and what it was!

Each place, the atmosphere or environment is loaded with energy. The homes and spaces have the energy of its inhabitants, of everything that is there physically and invisible... energy of what is in there and what it was from the past!

The energy remains

The energy remains imprinted in the spaces and it affects the people in a negative or positive way.

It's not rare to find homes built on lands that were cemeteries, battle fields or sacred places, homes where people died or were ill. It's common that people that died in a home, remain attached to the property, even if their families are still living there or not.

The vibrational levels drops

When more disruptive energy is found in a location, the level of vibration lowers and can cause problems in the people that live or work there, like anxiety, frustration, fights and discussions, sadness, not being able to sleep or rest, sickness, being blocked in your business, economy or relationships.

Highly recommended and healthy

Harmonize and do an energy clearing of homes and businesses to unblock stuck in toxic energy that is affecting the environment and people. If the problem is stronger, there are technologies such as Akashic Home Clearing which help clear the energy and release everything that is causing negative consequences at root level.

Some basic tips:

  • Fix everything that is not working and you can't see as gas and water pipelines, electricity and drainage

  • Keep clean every corner of your space - behind or under furniture, cobwebs, furniture and arrangements, art, plants

  • Trash or donate everything you don't use anymore or is not working. Check each space to find things that are ready to let go

If you are ready to work at a more profound level, book a Harmonize or Akashic Home Clearing session.

Leticia Martínez Urrea

Intuitive Soul & Wellness Coach

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