Is Money the Reason?

Over and over I see clients and people from different communities and groups stuck because of a common factor: Money!

The other day talking with one of my clients, I remembered a story from years back when I was super busy working in my 3 fitness centers that I used to own. I was teaching, training new instructors and managing the centers. Generating good money and being successful, but...

Working, working, non-stop!

Even if I was generating money to run the businesses and paying everybody else, I didn't keep much money in my pocket. Basically, I was working for everybody else. Everybody was happy but me!!!

One Summer, during the low season of the business, I was very tired of not making enough money and hitting an invisible wall that didn't let me move forward to reach my goals. I knew I needed to make a change, but I felt stuck because I didn't want to spend more money!

I made a decision that changed everything!

I decided to hire an assistant, even if I couldn't afford to pay more! I made the decision to invest in someone else to free up my time so I could focus on growing my business, make more money and reach my goals.

It was a tough decision, but it was the best investment I made for my business. My sales doubled in the following months!

I had time to set my goals, share them with my assistant and keep following up to make sure we reached them every week and month. I never had to worry about paying my assistant, instead I had more money in my pocket every month!!

I learned 3 important things:

  1. Asking for help is an act of humility and trust. In other words, letting go of being in control... that at the end doesn't help.

  2. Focusing on things that matter to get results. I could delegate, get feedback and really work to grow and reach my goals.

  3. Working more doesn't mean, making more money. There are wiser ways to generate income.

Take courage and make magic!

I know it takes courage, but making the decision to ASK for help and FOCUS on the important things, will totally transform your life!

When you stop that nagging voice inside of you trying to worry you saying: "I can't because I don't have money", magic happens!

Tell your nagging little voice to shut up and regain your inner power to make things happen!

Good luck!

Leticia Martínez Urrea

Wellness Coach

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