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Harmonizing your home unblocks the toxic energy of the space in a home or office. Clearing the energy at an Akashic level releases the negative energy of the land since before your was built, that might mean since centuries ago!  It's vital for the health and well being of the inhabitants in the location

and it helps to the energy flow in every aspect.

Energy Clearing at Akashic Level

An Akashic Home Clearing is a very deep clearing of the energy in your space. Getting in the Akashic Records of the land and the home and the energy imprinted since before it became your house… could take centuries back, as well as the energy that is present.


Clearing the energy of your space is vital for your health, your well being, to help the flow of energy in all aspects of your life so you can be in alignment and harmony.

When is ideal to clear and harmonize the energy of your home?


When moving to a new home, renting a home, when you are wanting to make a change in your life, if you can’t get a good night sleep, if you feel entities in your home, if external people enter constantly in your home, if you work with energy and change your vibration, if you are sensitive to the environment, especially if it is shared with other family members. Recommended at least once or twice per year.

You will learn and discover: 

  • You will understand how toxic energy works 

  • You will discover the different energetic blockages in your space

  • Learn cures and solutions for the future

  • Maintenance suggestions 

1 hr. Online Private Session on Zoom

My back stopped hurting!

“My back was hurting for weeks. I went to have a checkup and they gave me strong meds that helped a little, but then the pain came back. Only after the home clearing at Akashic level, my back stopped hurting all of a sudden! I'm still impressed of what toxic energy can do and feeling blessed that I listened to my friend that recommended Lety!"  

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~ Nora Martinez. Cuernavaca, Mexico.

I've been always a very sensitive person. The spaces and environments with toxic energy can affect me to the point of getting sick... for days! When I learned to do an Akashic home clearing, oh dear, what a difference! The peace and pleasant feeling of the new fresh energy is so liberating and inspiring! It's amazing to see the healing of the energy in the spaces!



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