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The Future

In the Akashic Records

Join Me For This New 3-Month Program

Manifest Your Goals, Dreams & Desires

Discover the energetic landscape between

where you are today

and where you want to be in the future

There are limitless possibilities in the future and while the future is constantly shifting and changing, there IS a wealth of information available to you about what lies ahead in your experience that is in your vibrational frequency!​

That's Why You Are Invited To...


The Future in Your Akashic Records

A powerful training program designed to help you manifest your future!

Not only will you be able to get answers to your questions about the future...

You will also gain the tools and support in creating the future you WANT!

Define a Powerful Clearly Stated Intention in alignment with your current moment and vibrational state


Shift your vibrational frequency to be in alignment with what you want


Create a plan of choices and steps in

alignment with your vibration


Course-Correct the actions needed for a smooth and easy manifestation process!

Planning your future with the Akashic Records

will help you

Understand exactly what you are truly capable of creating - often it’s MORE than you give yourself credit for


Avoid the disappointment and heartbreak that inevitably arises from unrealistic goals

Discover just HOW CLOSE you might be to living your desired reality … and which specific actions constitute the tipping point to manifestation


Understand specifically what you can do to avoid unwanted outcomes


Keep you grounded in third-dimensional reality, so that you express your Divinity into your physicality rather than turning it into abstract theory


Become aware of just how powerfully you create your own reality


Course-correct your actions so quickly that manifestation becomes a smooth and easy process


Develop detachment, so that your ego's self-image no longer runs your human experience

Here Is What We Will Cover In The 3 Month Program

Week 1 
Akashic Records Assessment For Your Future
  • 2 hour session

  • We will see where you are and where you want to be

  • I will guide you to create a Clearly Stated Realistic Intention

  • You will discover the energy hidden in what you want

  • On your Akashic Records, check your current vibration and your ideal probable shift in vibration for the future you want

  • We will create a plan for choices and steps 

Weeks 2, 3, 4; 6, 7, 8; 10, 11  
Course-Correction, Implementing, Learning  
  • Check in by email  

  • Review plan of choices and steps

  • Support to course-correcting your actions

  • Pre-recorded Trainings and Meditations... to name a few:

    • The correct mindset​

    • Coherence 

    • Your habits and the comfort zone

    • Effectiveness and order 

    • Letting go and letting in

    • Direct and indirect actions

Weeks 5 & 9  
Reviewing Of Your Progress
  • A 45-min. session on weeks 5 and 9

  • We will review your progress 

  • Check your current vibration and energy on your Akashic Records

  • Grounding Ritual

Week 12


  • A 45 min. session 

  • We will review your progress and achievements 

  • Closing meditation

This is a Program to assist you during the course of 3 months,
regardless of the time frame of your future outcome.
If needed, we could discuss to extend the time of the program. 

This Program Is For You If

You want to achieve your goals and desires more quickly 

You are willing to step out of your comfort zone

You want to align at a Soul and Essence level

You are determined and hold yourself accountable

You want to no longer waste time and energy, either through unrealistic intentions or incongruent actions

"My life made a full shift in all aspects after working with Lety and following her guidance during the process. My dream of moving to lake Chapala since 10 years ago came true! I found the ideal home for my family and all opened for us to make the move. 

Everything cleared with a property that I thought I was going to lose and I recovered it! The payments that were not coming cleared and money started flowing… even the symptoms that I had in the past months dissipated and I won’t have to get surgery anymore! 

I am impressed of how Lety helps moving and unblocking the energy and how everything clears and starts flowing… it’s magical!!… and all these happened in only 3 weeks!! I feel super grateful and blessed."

Patty B. Yoga Instructor. Guadalajara, Mexico

Your Investment
$548 US
Or 3 Monthly Payments Of
$198 US

This is a non-refundable program

Lety Martínez

Lety is an Intuitive Soul & Business Mentor.

The first time Lety was aware of her Spirit Guides and Angels was when she was still in her crib and started choking while grabbing her blanket and started sucking into it. Before her mom could realize, her body started to get cold. That's when Lety started seeing a group of Light Beings around her crib. Grandma got home just in time to get Lety out of her crib and she started to come back into her body.

Since then, Lety made a connection with her Guides and Angels and became aware of other realms that are interacting with this reality. But back during her childhood, the unseen world was not understood or accepted, specially by Catholicism, so she blocked part of her abilities.

She learned to see the world from an achiever's mind. Being a perfectionist and owning and managing a top 500 franchise was the way of the hard-left-brain of logic and reason of being successful.

It was until later in her late 30’s when she woke up one day with a facial paralysis that made a breakthrough to reconnect with her purpose and her divine gifts got reactivated. The veils of the 3D Matrix started to fall away and she reinstated the contact with her team of Light Beings and the Akashic Records.

She helps people around the world that want to up level their lives and business based on their essence and life purpose, through conscious business strategies and soul technologies.