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Clearing & Harmonizing


If you are here, it means that you will clear and harmonize the energy of your home or any other space.

Congrats for paying attention to the energy of your surroundings!


A healthy space is vital for health, economy, relationships, creativity and all aspects in life. If you want to know more about the energy of the space, click here. 

The Smudge Stick has been activated with meditation, intentions, high vibration sounds, energy from the mountains, lake and trees, crystals, quartz and Divine messages.

Sacred Plants & Elements

in the kit


Sacred plant, powerful clearing and releasing toxic energies, entities and low vibrations, purification, calming and relaxing, restores your aura and chakras, healing, spiritual connection.



Sacred plant of protection, magic, healing, good memory, purification, blessings.



Sacred plant that offers strength in extreme situations, protection against negative energies, healing, wisdom, patience, persistence, longevity.



Sacred plant that offers deep healing and relaxation, harmony and detoxifying, purification, clairvoyance. Maintains toxic energy away. Brings high vibration.



Flower that comes from higher dimensions, one of the highest vibrations flowers on the planet, unconditional love, protection, harmony, beauty, elegance, angelic connection, peace, miracles, mystic connection.



Opens a sacred space and light, spiritual energy, meditation, healing, Divine connection. 



Ultimate psychic protection, absorbs toxins and negativity, spiritual growth.


The obsidian is 100% pure, I personally picked it up from the mountain where I live (a volcanic zone). The Obsidian is cooled Lava turned into crystal. 

Before you start your energy clearing, listen to the following meditation.


Energy Clearing MeditationLety Martinez
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