want your business online but

don't know where to start? 


Creating your business without an effective system and without the correct mindset and consciousness, keeps you working without attracting ideal clients and higher income

If you want to grow your online business you must know that to stand out and position yourself in the marketplace you must change

your mindset and way of working. 

But if you make the mistake of using old beliefs and methods, without an effective system and without the correct mindset and consciousness, you will end up lost between the rest, working non-stop and wasting months of time and energy.

That's why I created

Conscious Business

A business and consciousness system that takes you by the hand,

step by step to set up your business and stand out in the marketplace

without wasted time and energy to fulfill your dream.


Your business plan based on your essence and passion in the correct mindset and consciousness 


The perfect system and plan to let your business work for you instead of you working for your business


Ideal clients and opportunities

for growth,

in alignment with

your purpose


Your consciousness and perception

Your business and personal vision

Your energy

A systems that allows your business to work for you

Instead of you working for your business!​​


Conscious Business


Monthly Personalized Business Plan

Weekly Follow-Up

Business Center

Resources and Tools

Trainings on Video and Audio

Implementation Sessions


Business ~ Consciousness ~ Mindset
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Lety Martinez

Lety is a Soul and Business Mentor.

Her focus is on conscious development and transformation. She's the creator of her company Your Soul Treasures. 

Her entrepreneurial business experience comes from over 25 years of owning and being leader of a Top 500 US franchise in Mexico. 

Lety has partnered and volunteered for 15+ years, coordinating specialty wheelchairs clinics and distributions for disabled children in Mexico and Latin America.

She is an Akashic Records practitioner and holds certifications on Mayan Cosmology, Human Design, Energy and Dimensional Healing, Angels, Reiki, and Numerology. She’s an avid student of the Gene Keys and Metaphysics.

She assists English and Spanish clients from around the world.

"I help business owners and entrepreneurs to grow and expand their Soul purpose. 

The Conscious Business System will help them setup and run a successful online business that is tailor made for their strengths and essence!"