Akashic Records

Unblock your energy and allow the flow to enter in all life aspects.
Break repetitive old patterns that prevent you from moving forward.
Discover your Soul characteristics and your specific Soul group. 

The Akashic Records are the “energetic library” of all your existences, where all the information is recorded and available!


Every choice you made and its consequence, every experience, every relationship, everything is in the Akashic Records… and the negative choices in your Soul's history can continue to affect you lifetime after lifetime until you become consciously aware of them and make new choices which support you and that are in alignment with your highest good.​

Accessing your Akashic Records, will help you heal emotional wounds, heal physically, make corrections to karma, understand limiting beliefs that are not working anymore and that are causing problems, unblock patterns and contracts, release entities, close draining energy portals that are open, discover who you are at Soul Level and from which Soul Group you come to this incarnation.


This is a Soul Realignment work, where you get a Soul Activation. You will discover your Soul Blueprint and the  characteristics of your Essence. 

Magic happens when the old energy clears and you unleash the flow of new energy!


Every aspect of your life will reflect the shift in energy.

Some things that you might expect:

  • Understanding limiting beliefs that are not working anymore and that are blocking you

  • Entering in the flow of abundance

  • Get in the flow of Money  

  • Ideal relationships - love, business, friendships

  • Healing emotional wounds

  • Healing physically

  • Making corrections to karma

  • Evolving and growing

  • Unblocking patterns and contracts

  • Releasing entities

  • Closing draining energy portals

  • Discovering who you are at Soul level and your Soul group

  • Discovering your Soul attributes that hold the key to your life mission

1:30 hrs. Private Online Session on Zoom

"With your permission and your Higher Self's permission, it will be an honor to access the Sacred space 

in your Akashic Records. With unconditional love and with no judgement,

I will discover the information available for you at this moment that is ready for you to see.

I will also clear all the blockages that come during your session.

In order for you to transcend, you must do your work, specially the following

21 days right after the session to install the new energy in your mental body.

I am looking forward to meeting you at an Akashic Level!"


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