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2 Things You Forgot Before

You Were Born

Our Soul is literally made of 8 Energy Centers that are the most important aspect of your Divine Soul Blueprint.
They are not the same as the chakras. 


They contain different aspects, or qualities, of vital force energy as Your Soul gifts and attributes.

From these 8 , there are the 3 Primary Energy Centers that have your main aspects to help you fulfill your purpose. When you connect with them, you create a highly abundant life experience in connection with your true essence and nature. 


The other thing is  your Soul Group of origination.
We each come from different Soul groups and share certain Soul-level  characteristics that are keys to know why your are here. 
Discovering our Primary Energy Centers and Soul Group is a life changing experience when you get in alignment with

your true essence.


But the thing is that we forgot those little details that were given to us, and then, we created layers of blockages that are hiding the information of your Energy Centers and Soul Group. 

During an Akashic Records Session your energy will get unblocked and cleared to connect with your true nature and essence. 

If you want to know your Soul Group and primary energy centers, 
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