About Lety

Lety is an Intuitive Soul and Business Mentor.

The first time Lety was aware of her Spirit Guides and Angels was when she was still in her crib and started choking while grabbing her blanket and started sucking into it. Before her mom could realize, her body started to get cold.

That's when Lety started seeing a group of Light Beings around her crib. Grandma got home just in time to get Lety out of her crib and she started to come back into her body.

Since then, Lety made a connection with her Guides and Angels and became aware of other realms that are interacting with this reality. But back during her childhood, the unseen world was not understood or accepted, specially by Catholicism, so she blocked part of her abilities.

She learned to see the world from an achiever's mind. Being a perfectionist and owning and managing a top 500 franchise was the way of the hard-left-brain of logic and reason of being successful.

It was until later in her late 30’s when she woke up one day with a facial paralysis that made a breakthrough to reconnect with her purpose and her divine gifts got reactivated. The veils of the 3D Matrix started to fall away and she reinstated the contact with her team of Light Beings and from the Akashic Records.

She helps people around the world that want to up level their lives and business based on their essence and life purpose, through conscious business strategies and soul technologies.

More about Lety's experience

Her left brain way

Her entrepreneurial business experience comes from over 25 years of owning and managing a Top 500 US franchise in Mexico. 

She has a technological mind that understands the how to of creating and designing websites and using all the of online technological tools. 

Her organizational skills show from her desk to the national and international events she has created and lead. 

She's a marketing strategist and system's developing and implementation. 

Lety has volunteered 15+ years, coordinating specialty wheelchairs clinics and distributions for disabled children in Mexico and Latin America.​

Her right brain way

She is an Akashic Records practitioner and holds certifications on Mayan Cosmology, Human Design, Energy and Dimensional Healing, Reiki, and Numerology. She’s an avid student of the Gene Keys and Metaphysics.

She loves art painting, writing, cooking, knitting, sewing... basically everything made with her hands. 

Decorating, harmonizing and clearing her space and adding beauty are imprinted in her life. 

Lety is a dancer at heart, she has the moves, the rhythm, and the music inside. 

She's a teacher, and instructor and a mentor. 

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