About Lety

Lety is a Soul and Business Mentor and Guide.

Her focus is on conscious development and transformation. She's the creator of her company Your Soul Treasures. 

Her entrepreneurial business experience comes from over 25 years of owning and managing a Top 500 US franchise in Mexico. 

Lety has partnered and volunteered 15+ years, coordinating specialty wheelchairs clinics and distributions for disabled children in Mexico and Latin America.

She is an Akashic Records practitioner and holds certifications on Mayan Cosmology, Human Design, Energy and Dimensional Healing, Reiki, and Numerology.


She’s an avid student of the Gene Keys and Metaphysics.

Lety is an Akashic Healer certified by David Topi from Spain and she's a Soul Realignment professional practitioner by Andrrea Hess from the US.

Human Design Specialist by Quantum Alignment System, by Karen Curry Parker from the US. She's also an advocate student of the Gene Keys by Richard Rudd, from UK, former keeper of Human Design. 


Recieved the Mayan wisdom from José Federico Muñoz, Mayan guardian and calendar keeper in charge of the North terrotory from Guatemala to Alaska. 

Healer and energetic dimensional harmonization from the Equilibriums School by Víctor Ramírez. 

She assists English and Spanish spoken people worldwide through online and live sessions, programs, workshops and retreats. 

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