The Great Reset

DECEMBER 21, 2020  by Lety

Dec. 21, 2020 is the Solstice, the biggest Cosmic Portal in the year and maybe of many years. Probably is the most important day for the next 200 years!  

12/21/2020 officially begins the Age of Aquarius or Golden Age!


In this episode I talk about: 

  • The portals get in alignment with the stars and planets

  • The importance of self awareness 

  • 4 important things to consider

The energy of the sky is always affecting the Earth, nature and humans!

The Portal of December 21, 2020 is in alignment with the energy of the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn creating the Bethlehem Star  in the 0 degree of Aquarius. 

This is how the energy looks like:

  • Officially the Age of Aquarius starts on 12-21-2020

  • This is a great new beginning where the old structures, old beliefs, old systems need to be replaced with the new, to be in alignment with the new vibrations and the 5D consciousness. new rules are changing the earth

  • There is a huge expansion of consciousness in this great reset of the planet, the Bethlehem Star is activating the new light codes and is guiding us to a new chapter of the New Earth


This is overall the energy, and everything in the portal, all the energy manifests very rapidly

You get affected by the energy of changing the old for the new, energy of expansion, energy of new beginning as if you were rebirthing, and following the Bethlehem Star - symbolizes the connection with your essence and intuition as your main focus. 


But depending on the way in which your state of being is, is how the energy will affect you.  


Self Awareness is key. 

Become aware of your thoughts, your actions, your reactions, emotions, your beliefs.

4 important things to do during the portal, but hopefully keep doing this all the time:

  1. Be present and reconnect with your essence and inner power

  2. Become Self aware of your thoughts, actions, reactions, emotions, beliefs

  3. Your focus is on Trust, unconditional love, unity consciousness, compassion 

  4. Avoid being in fear or making choices based on fear, even if you are tempted… remember to be self aware and shift into positive as soon as you become aware

Take the most out of the energy that is happening right now and Welcome to the Age of Aquarius, welcome to the New Earth and to this Great Reset of the planet!! 


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