The Beginning of the New Age Is Here!

DECEMBER 14, 2020  by Lety

The Mayans, astrology, the eclipse… everything is in alignment to officially end a cycle and begin the New Golden Age or Aquarius Age of the planet! 


In this episode I talk about

  • Everything is in sync for the Great Change

  • 2 Cosmic Portals in only few days

  • 8 tips to help you take the most out of the energies to get to the next cycle


The Sacred Mayan Tzolkin calendar and astrological events are in synchronicity to open 2 Powerful Cosmic Portals. 

1st. Portal - December 14th. 

  • New Moon

  • Eclipse

  • Mayan Tzolkin ends a cycle

2nd. Portal - December 21st.

  • Winter Solstice

  • Jupiter - Saturn conjunction on 0° of Aquarius

  • Mayan Tzolkin starts the enchanted wave of the Resonant Hand

All energies update with the new frequencies of the planet. The old that doesn’t work is replaced with new and better. Is a Reset of the planet and humans in every aspect! 

8 Suggestions: 

  1. Avoid getting distracted, it’s time to be in connection with your higher self, with your intuition, your inner voice. Be present! The following days specially

  2. Meditation or connection. 

  3. Breathing is key - the oxygen is very important. Do deep breathing. Be aware of your breathing.

  4. Be in coherence with what you think, feel and do

  5. Create a ritual to let go what doesn’t work in your life to open a space for the new

    • Cleaning and putting things in order in your space

  6. Drink water 

  7. Listen to your body

  8. Trust your intuition


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