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Through Akashic Records, Mayan Cosmology, Gene Keys and Conscious Business sessions, programs and retreats, Lety has helped hundreds of people learn about themselves at Soul level, own their power, release old patterns and beliefs and be in the correct mindset to better their lives and business. 


A karmic pattern dissolved!

Leticia's work with me was affirming and revealing. She was able to eliminate a karmic pattern which had been causing me emotional pain in this lifetime. 

Anita Eubank

Santa Barbara, CA



Leticia’s provided so much excellent information that is life-changing for me.  Lety added information that was about 10 layers deep of what I expected!!!

Mondy Pahlka

Houston, TX

Powerful Mayan


Learning about my essence and the Mayan archetypes and the energies that are assisting me was powerful!

I feel like I had

an awakening!

Lucille Bright

Sarasota, FL

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