Map & Compass

The Soul Technologies are the map and compass that show how your unique type of energy functions. They show who you are at Soul level, your gifts, profile, attributes, shadows, how you operate at your best to have a better flow in life and open to synchronicity, abundance and love. When you see your map you can clearly see the blockages and the bumps that need to be cleared out of your way. You can understand in a very objective way how your energy or your life can flow at its full potential. It’s like watching the maze from above and clearly seeing the solutions, answers and how to move… you can see the exit to freedom!

Mayan Cosmology, Akashic Records, Akashic Home Clearing and Human Design are the main 3 Soul Technologies I use. I also use other Soul tools to assist you during the process that will come to me intuitively. Each Soul Technology is very powerful and effective, it will help you have a clear understanding of how is your energy at this moment, which is the old energy that needs to clear and how to apply the new energy in your day to day to create tangible results in every aspect of your life.


Soul Technologies


The Mayans are a very evolved civilization, great mathematicians, astrologers, architects and healers. They observed the movement of the stars and planets in connection with nature on Earth. Their calendars are the most precise ever in history. Mayans see life through a different lens, a lens of love, art and synchronicity. Learn how to enter into a new dimension and leave the density of the control matrix of the 3D.

When working with the Mayan wisdom, I review the life cycles that are occurring simultaneously in your Past, Present and Future. When you connect with your unique energy, the Mayan archetypes and work with your own natural cycles, you make the transition to the new energy frequencies of the Earth, enter in the new paradigm and get in a better flow and synchronicity in your life.

Recommended for people that wants to understand why they are here for, what are their Soul Gifts and your Soul’s Purpose, how your energy flows in a better way or people that feels stuck and unable to move forward and instead feels inside a loop. It helps you move from the Matrix of fear to the Matrix of love, art and synchronicity. You can see from the lenses of the Mayan wisdom!



Human Design shows how your unique Soul Design best operates at physical, emotional, spiritual, mental levels and what is your Soul’s Purpose. It’s a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences like astrology, the I’Ching, the Chakra system, Kabbalah and quantum mechanics, astronomy, biochemistry and genetics. Your Human Design chart contains all the information you need to discover the key aspects of your true nature, a blueprint for how you operate and interact with the world. It’s a logical, empiric and practical system.

It's like your "User's Guide" for this incarnation… A visual map that illuminates your life in remarkable detail. It will show your unique type of energy, your profile and the frequencies that are in you and available for you to activate, your Incarnation Cross that explains in detail your Purpose in this incarnation. You will discover many aha’s and it will be a relief from things that might have been a struggle in your life. Many things will start making more sense to align with your true essence.



The Akashic Records are the “energetic library” of all your existences, where all the information is recorded and available! Every choice you made and its consequence, every experience, every relationship, if you were a man or a woman in other lifetimes, how you impacted that life…. everything is there… and the negative choices in your Soul's history can continue to affect you lifetime after lifetime until you become consciously aware of them and make new choices which support you and that are in alignment with your highest good.

You can also discover your Soul Blueprint - who you are at Soul Level and why you are here for, which are your primary energy centers in this incarnation and the group of Souls where you come from and the specific characteristics that are helping you in this lifetime.

By accessing your Akashic Records, I will help you heal emotional wounds, heal physically, make corrections to karma, have a better life, evolve, grow, unblock patterns and contracts, release entities, close draining energy portals that are open, discover who you are at Soul Level and from which Soul Group you come to this incarnation.

Magic happens when the old energy clears and you unleash the flow of new energy! Every aspect of your life will reflect the shift in energy.

Some things that you might expect:

  • Discovering your Soul Blueprint

  • Discovering your Soul group

  • Get in the flow of abundance 

  • Ideal relationships - love, business, friendships

  • New opportunities

  • Healing emotional wounds

  • Healing physically

  • Making corrections to karma

  • Evolving and growing

  • Unblocking patterns and contracts

  • Releasing entities

  • Closing draining energy portals



An Akashic Home Clearing is a very deep clearing of the energy in your space. II enter in the Akashic Records of the land and the home and the energy imprinted since before it became your house… that could be centuries back, as well as the energy that is present. Clearing the energy of your space is vital for your health, your well being, to help the flow of energy in all aspects of your life so you can be in alignment with your vibration and in harmony.

When is ideal to do an Akashic Home Clearing? When moving to a new home, renting a home, when you are wanting to make a change in your life, if you can’t get a good night sleep, if you feel entities in your home, if external people enter constantly in your home, if you work with energy and change your vibration, if you are sensitive to their environment, especially if it is shared with other family members.


Why Your Soul Treasures Is For You


You are looking for a change in your life

You know that something needs to change that is not in congruence with you anymore. Either your work, a relationship, your living situation, your finances or others. You got to a point that is clear that a change must take place and to make it happen in the best way for you and others, you need help.

You are not happy with your life

You are tired of living in scarcity or in a life situation that is not good for you anymore and it’s draining you energy. You know you have more to give to yourself and you are ready to make it happen.

You want support and guidance

You know you have something to share, but don’t know where to start or how to do it, plus your mind is spinning and you feel confused and frustrated, and you are ready to move on!

You feel undervalued and tired of not being seen

You know you value more and you over give to others and you are tired of giving so much and not receiving what you deserve.

Your life feels fragmented, distorted, with lack or fear

You have been suffering from an event in your life, a bad choice you made in the past, an unfortunate relationship, a “karma” thing… and you made the decision to end this, and start a new and better way of living.

You are ready to use your hidden power

You have been hidden for a long time and want to open your gifts to the world. You know that you are needed more than ever, and know that you could be of service for many.

You feel oppressed and stressed

You feel like it’s hard to breathe, hard to move and you know that it shouldn’t be like this and that there is a better way… and you are ready to liberate yourself and start a new beginning.

You are tired of working and not getting where you want

You are a hard worker, working many hours and just don’t make enough money. You are ready for a new way of living and a new way of generating income based on your Divinity.

— Mondy Pahlka, Houston, Texas

What Clients Are Saying


My Life Changed In Only 3 Weeks!

My life made a full shift in all aspects after working with Lety and following her guidance during the process. My dream of moving to lake Chapala since 10 years ago came true! I found the ideal home for my family and all opened for us to make the move.
Everything cleared with a property that I thought I was going to lose and I recovered it! The payments that were not coming cleared and money started flowing… even the symptoms that I had in the past months dissipated and I won’t have to get surgery anymore!
I am impressed of how Lety helps moving and unblocking the energy and how everything clears and starts flowing… it’s magical!!… and all these happened in only 3 weeks!! I feel super grateful and blessed.
— Paty B. - Yoga Instructor. Guadalajara, Mexico.

Absolutely Over-The-Top!

My experience with Leticia’s Human Design session was absolutely over-the-top! She provided so much excellent information that is life-changing for me. I had previously ordered an automated reading from the internet, which, I thought was very good, however, I didn’t really understand it.
Lety added information that was about 10 layers deep!!! I found everything to be so “right on”!!! I had so many “ah-ha’s”… I was actually blown away! Information that I can use to make important decisions and create happier situations for myself and my family.
I am extremely grateful for her professionalism and her compassion and knowledge.
— Mondy Pahlka, Houston, Texas

A Karmic Pattern From Other Lifetime Dissolved!

Leticia is a special woman who’s spirit vibration is very high. Her work is impeccable - of the highest quality. I recently received an Akashic Records Session.
Lety’s skill and talent at being able to access the Akashic Records and then interpret them is remarkable. Her work with me was affirming and revealing.
She was able to eliminate a karmic pattern which had been causing me emotional pain in this lifetime.
I’m tremendously grateful to her.
— Anita Eubank. Founder of "The Healing Studio of the Green Door". Santa Barbara, CA. Energy Healer & Arts Therapist at Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA.

Very Empowering!

Sometimes experts give answers to questions that are not being asked. Leticia, intuitively, knew what questions to ask that resonated with my current situation. She did not give me the answers, she helped me to discover them myself. To me, that was very empowering. Lety is gentle and insightful and I came away from every session feeling very encouraged.
— Trish Beauchamp, Life Coach. New Zealand.

I Got Clarity & Focus On My Path!

Lety is an intuitive guide who harness wisdom from something greater than the school of business. She has helped me gain clarity and focus on my path. I highly recommend her as both a business mentor and a guide and confidante.
— Niki Trosky. Author & Retreat Guide. Canada.