Programs & Retreats

Trust Your Process, Learn To Use Your Tools For Growth & Expansion, Find Order & Harmony In Your Life & Your Business, and Transform Yourself & Your Audience. 



The transformational work we do at YourSoulTreasures is very deep but at the same time very practical. You will be able to ground every step by being aware of what you need to avoid to fall down again into the same negative patterns. Recognize and own your Divine Gifts, which are YourSoulTreasures! Learn how to use Soul Tools and Attributes and Get Clarity and Order in your life!



Start from Your Core Essence, and Build a Successful Conscious Soul Business!  This is a system that includes spiritual tools combined with business strategies so you can regain your power and build a conscious business that will give you financial freedom helping others and enjoying a great lifestyle. Know and Trust completely in your main Soul Attributes and start from there! 



Create a retreat in a location that will naturally heal and transform you and your audience. The combination of your wisdom, teachings and creativity with the energy of an inspiring location that touches all senses, will make an amazing and memorable retreat experience. Lake Chapala, Mexico, a seat of energy, an exhilarating experience... a place of connection with your soul!