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Own Your Soul’s Design & Discover Your Riches

Leticia Martinez Urrea, is on a mission to help “The New Earth People” uncover their Soul Design and Soul Gifts to embody and shine their Light. She’s the creator of Your Soul Treasures, known as the CEO of thought and business evolution and a luminary of consciousness.

She takes her clients from all over the world and all walks of life, into a deep, powerful and full of treasures journey, where she unblocks and clears the energy from this and past lifetimes. She teaches how to break negative patterns and beliefs. Leticia helps people understand how to realign with their own natural life cycles and the new vibrations of the planet. She reveals and shows how to use specific strategies to operate each unique human experience according to its own Soul Design.  

Leticia was born an intuitive, gifted girl that shut down her gifts because of being frightened, not understood and not accepted by the beliefs of her family, society and religion... until 15 years ago when she had an awakening moment while sleeping and waking up with a facial paralysis! This incident made her pay attention to her Divinity. Since then, she reconnected with her gifts, evolving and owning her Soul Treasures!

Leticia’s business experience of over 25 years being a fitness professional, owning and managing a Top 500 international US franchise in Mexico, and 15 years coordinating rehab wheelchairs distributions for disabled children in Mexico and Latin America, sets the ground for her clients’ success, helping them with a mix that is based on their Soul profile, their Soul purpose and a conscious way of doing business.

She is an Akashic Records practitioner and holds certifications on Mayan Cosmology, Human Design, Energy and Dimensional Healing, Reiki, and Numerology.

Leticia hosts healing empowering retreats creating exhilarating Soul experiences at Lake Chapala, Mexico, in a natural Sanctuary at the heart of the hot springs waters of the Riviera, in a world class destination.

She’s mom of her grown up adorable daughters, Fernanda and Cristy. Lives in her home city, Guadalajara, Mexico, and spends most of her weekends at Lake Chapala, where she enjoys her time with friends and family, hosting Soul Retreats or simply relaxing at the hot spring waters with a good book, a glass of wine and watching the beautiful sunsets!

“I’m on a mission to help the New Earth People Emerge by assisting them in remembering their Soul Treasures.”

Learn more about how you can too be on a mission of discovery of Your Soul Treasures by booking Soul Session!

Trust me, I can take you where you need to go!

Leticia Martinez Urrea

Intuitive Soul & Business Guide

Soul Retreats

I used the “Clarity at Soul Level” exercise that Lety gives as Gift on Your Soul Treasures website, and it really helped sort through to separate issues out. After I wrote out the don’t want and want, and, formed the questions, I put it aside to await the answers. I didn’t expect answers as quickly as the next day while listening to an interview! Thank you.
— Pat Ware. USA