Why Work With Me


Are you looking for a change in your life?

Is money holding you back and that is paralyzing you?

Feeling undervalued, tired and confused?

I’ve been there too and

I know how to take you to the other side!



    When I awakened again to my Soul Gifts over 14 years ago, my life started to take a new direction.

    Magic happened, miracles happened, synchronicity and manifestation starting to be my day-to-day thing!

    Numbers, letters, planets, trees, people, animals…. Everything started to have a new meaning.

    Getting messages from my Higher Self, Angels and Guides became a daily conversation.

    I got out of a fear based way of living to be in trust and compassion.

    I opened the door to a world of abundance and joy!

    I entered in the new frequencies of the planet.


    You are safe, you are understood, you are cared.

    You are supported, loved and nurtured.

    I will guide you step by step, during the discovery of Your Soul Treasures and also during your Integration Process of all the new information and energy so you can implement it in the best way in your life.


    I know how to get you from confusion and fear to clarity and direction.

    I will show you the way to Your Soul Treasures and Your Soul Purpose!

    I have 25+ years experience as business owner and from managing a Top 500 international franchise. From starting a business to establishing programs and systems in every area and business management are part of my strengths.

    If you want to start something new or redirect what you have, you are in good hands!

    The work is at all levels Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Emotional, because everything is connected. It is deep and profound, but practical and effective!

    You will see changes happening, things moving, solutions, answers and magic!

    Opportunities, possibilities and new perspectives are in your way!


    I know how to unblock and clear what is holding you back.

    I understand the new paradigms of the planet and the new vibrations.  

    I will show you the way to regain your own power and authority.

    I can see the present, past and future in the same plane where making changes is easier.


    My early childhood years living in a dysfunctional family, alcoholism, at 6, dad left. The divorce of my parents at that time was a taboo and society and religion closed the doors for us. We were on survival with no money, nowhere to turn to but a dead end. Fear, oppression, feeling judged... where constant feelings in this phase of my life.

    Later in life, while married with 2 daughters, I became very successful, but the more successful, my ex husband - the less happy. Divorced after 18 years of marriage and my dad passing, all happened in one month.

    Years later, waking up one day with a facial paralysis, made me stop my busy life to reconnect and pay attention to my Divinity.

    After 25 years of working for a corporation, I decided to focus on my Soul Purpose.

    Letting go created a new story!

    Today I realize that everything that happened have been only blessings that offered me great teachings in life. Because of those experiences I know how to go from the darkness to the Light and I can help people do the same.

    I can help you find clarity, abundance and joy… I can help you find Your Soul Treasures and the life in harmony that you deserve by Divine right.

…Oh, but there was something along the way all the time since I remember:


Ones have been with me forever! Giving me messages, telling me that it was time to wake up when I was very young, now telling me when something is in synchronicity or as an affirmation that I’m going the correct way.

Trust Me, I Know I Can Help You!


Own Your Soul’s Design & Discover Your Riches


Leticia Martinez Urrea, is on a mission to help “The New Earth People” uncover their Soul Design and Soul Gifts to embody and shine their Light. She’s the creator of Your Soul Treasures, known as the CEO of thought and business evolution and a luminary of consciousness.

Serving clients internationally form all walks of life, Leticia guides them into a deep, powerful and full of treasures journey, where she unblocks and clears the energy from this and past lifetimes. She teaches how to break negative patterns and beliefs. Leticia helps people understand how to realign with their own natural life cycles and the new vibrations of the planet. She reveals and shows how to use specific strategies to operate each unique human experience according to its own Soul Design.  

Leticia was very sensitive and intuitive girl that shut down her gifts because of being frightened, not understood and not accepted by the beliefs of her family, society and religion... until 15 years ago when she had an awakening moment while sleeping and waking up with a facial paralysis! This incident made her pay attention to her Divinity. Since then, she reconnected with her gifts, evolving and owning her Soul Treasures!

Leticia’s business experience of over 25 years being a fitness professional, owning and managing a Top 500 international US franchise in Mexico, and 15 years coordinating rehab wheelchairs distributions for disabled children in Mexico and Latin America, sets the ground for her clients’ success, helping them with a mix that is based on their Soul profile, their Soul purpose and a conscious way of doing business.

She is an Akashic Records practitioner and holds certifications on Mayan Cosmology, Human Design, Energy and Dimensional Healing, Reiki, and Numerology. She’s an avid student of the Gene Keys and Metaphysics.

Leticia hosts healing empowering retreats creating exhilarating Soul experiences at Lake Chapala, Mexico, in a natural Sanctuary at the heart of the hot springs waters of the Riviera, in a world class destination.

She’s mom of her grown up adorable daughters, Fernanda and Cristy. Lives in her home city, Guadalajara, Mexico, and spends most of her weekends at Lake Chapala, where she enjoys her time with friends and family, hosting Soul Retreats or simply relaxing at the hot spring waters with a good book, a glass of wine and watching the beautiful sunsets!

“I’m on a mission to help the New Earth People Emerge by assisting them in remembering their Soul Treasures.”

Learn more about how you can too be on a mission of discovery of Your Soul Treasures by booking a Soul Session!

Trust me, I can take you where you need to go!

Leticia Martinez Urrea

Intuitive Soul & Business Guide

Soul Retreats


My Life Changed In Only 3 Weeks!

My life made a full shift in all aspects after working with Lety and following her guidance during the process. My dream of moving to lake Chapala since 10 years ago came true! I found the ideal home for my family and all opened for us to make the move.
Everything cleared with a property that I thought I was going to lose and I recovered it! The payments that were not coming cleared and money started flowing… even the symptoms that I had in the past months dissipated and I won’t have to get surgery anymore!
I am impressed of how Lety helps moving and unblocking the energy and how everything clears and starts flowing… it’s magical!!… and all these happened in only 3 weeks!! I feel super grateful and blessed.
— Paty B. - Yoga Instructor. Guadalajara, Mexico.

A Karmic Pattern From Another Lifetime Dissolved!

Leticia is a special woman who’s spirit vibration is very high. Her work is impeccable - of the highest quality. I recently received an Akashic Records Reading.
Leticia’s skill and talent at being able to access the Akashic Records and then interpret them uniquely to each individual she works with is remarkable. Her work with me was affirming and revealing.
She was able to eliminate a karmic pattern which had been causing me emotional pain in this lifetime.
I’m tremendously grateful to her.
— Anita Eubank. Founder of "The Healing Studio of the Green Door". Santa Barbara, CA. Energy Healer & Arts Therapist at Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA.

Absolutely Over-The-Top!

My experience with Leticia’s Human Design session was absolutely over-the-top! She provided so much excellent information that is life-changing for me. I had previously ordered an automated reading from the internet, which, I thought was very good, however, I didn’t really understand it. Lety added information that was about 10 layers deep!!! I found everything to be so “right on”!!! I had so many “ah-ha’s”… I was actually blown away! Information that I can use to make important decisions and create happier situations for myself and my family. I am extremely grateful for her professionalism and her compassion and knowledge.
— Mondy Pahlka, Houston, Texas