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Uncover Your Soul Design, Unleash Your Riches


From Fragmentation, Distortion, Lack & Fear…

To Joy, Harmony, Love, Beauty & Prosperity!


Your Soul Treasures



When you discover who you are at Soul level and know why you are really here for…

You move into a path of joy, synchronicity, abundance and harmony!

Want to find out how?

If you are here,

You are ready!


When you feel your true power you are able to give the best of yourself, enter into higher levels and reach your dreams, desires and vision, making a difference! 

I will help you release your Divine Gifts, which are YourSoulTreasures. Those Gifts that have been hidden for a long time, but that are asking you to pay attention to let them out into your life and the world! They are your Spiritual Tools to help you during this lifetime.

And... If you are already offering your Soul services and want to reach higher levels with Your Soul Business, in an organic and natural conscious business/marketing approach, I'll be happy to be your guide!

I’d love to hear from you, but first, check out my Guide on how to Get Clarity at Soul Level (if you haven’t download it yet) that will give you true answers and will open a clear path that is in total alignment with you.

Trust me, I can take you where you need to go!

Leticia Martinez Urrea

Intuitive Soul & Business Guide



Lety is an intuitive guide who harness wisdom from something greater than the school of business. She has helped me gain clarity and focus on my path. I highly recommend her as both a business mentor and a confidante.
— Niki Trosky. Author & Retreat Guide. Canada

Sometimes experts give answers to questions that are not being asked. Leticia, intuitively, knew what questions to ask that resonated with my current situation. She did not give me the answers, she helped me to discover them myself. To me, that was very empowering. Lety is gentle and insightful and I came away from our session feeling very encouraged.
— Trish Beauchamp, Life Coach. New Zealand