Entering A New Cycle


Three years ago, I was living in Ojai, California.  I shared a beautiful home with Jean and Jackie, mom and daughter. Lovely ladies, I was very fortunate to find them. After a year of living in Ojai, I started to see signs that I needed to move to another city. You know when something happens, and you know is time to make a change? Just different things in my horizon telling me that I needed to find a new location. Since I was happy with the home and the people I was living with, that made me doubt myself if I really needed to make that change, plus I had no idea to where or when I had to do it.  

I felt in a dark and fussy place. I decided to do my clarity process that I shared with you already (if you haven’t done it, you can get it here), writing my “don’t wants” and “wants”. I was very detailed, and I remember writing 2 and a half pages. I thought, I’m just going to go wild about my new place, and I rejected the feelings of uncertainty and fear, that were right there in front of me telling me no, it’s not possible, you can’t… instead I decided to act based on trust and following my intuition. I kept asking for signs to guide my way, and just waited for them to show up.

Of the list of places I picked, I was discarding some of them one by one, because of the climate, the distance to an international airport, the density of the population, if there were mountains, trees, nature, etc… It was November and Nora my friend that was living in Lake Tahoe, invited me to spend my birthday there. When I got to the Lake I felt in love with it!

The following March I moved to Lake Tahoe to an amazing home with an amazing view. One day I was organizing my documents and I saw the list of “don’t wants and wants” that I wrote back in Ojai. I was living in a home that manifested 99% of the things that I wrote in my list! I even wrote that I wanted a fountain with rocks, and there was a little pond in the backyard with rocks. I wanted to see trees from my window and I was in the middle of the mountain surrounded by trees! It was a dream come true. Then I looked back when I was in Ojai and remembered how uncomfortable I was when I didn’t have clarity, and everything looked blurry and dark and how I chose to do my process.

Today is the Winter Solstice in the North Hemisphere of the earth, the darkest day of the year. I’ve been reading about several points of view about it and I see many people talking about how this is the worst day since decades because of the alignment of the Sun with other planets, and they are saying not to do important things today like avoiding making decisions, or making big changes. Ok, yes, I know the cosmos has a huge impact in our lives, of course. But when acting or not acting, based on fear and uncertainty, there are many chances that things will go wrong.

Often, we have challenges in our lives. Today is the Winter Solstice, tomorrow might be another not good day to making changes or taking decisions. If something is in our awareness and it’s asking us to step forward, and if it lands on a difficult situation or time, is only because we are capable to make something happen, find a solution or an answer. It might feel like a tsunami in front of you, where you have 2 choices: stop in fear and watch the tsunami how it crushes you on the ground, or learning how to get on top and surf it to reach higher and longer distances. My advice is: always use your intuition to know if is the correct time for you to move forward or to wait. 

When it looks very dark, no matter what you are going through in your life, the darker it gets, the more Light you can reveal. We enter today in the darkest part of the year, when we spend more time inside our homes, and if the wisdom of nature is telling you to go inside, because of the weather or getting dark at an earlier hour, it’s also a good time to go inside yourself and go deep. The deeper you go and see those dark places that are coming to your awareness asking for a change, the more Light you will reveal. We are also starting a new moon, so it’s great timing for a new beginning. 

Today is a good opportunity to take a break and find some time off in your life to go inside yourself. I am sharing a little ritual that you can do today or even tomorrow. 


Create a sacred space.

  • Light a candle, decorate with flowers, burn incense... and also use your ideas.

  • Sit down, close your eyes and relax.

  • Take 3 deep and slow breaths to get in an Alfa mode. Then open your eyes.

  • Write the intentions for what you want to manifest in this new cycle.

  • Write what is not serving you anymore and you want to let go.

  • Fold or roll the sheets of paper of what you wrote and wrap them with a string.

Go outside in nature, if possible. You can choose either of the following:

1.       Make a fire if it’s safe outdoors, or do it in your fireplace to burn your intentions and what you are letting go. OR

2.       Bury them next to a nice tree, flowers or a nice place in nature that draws your attention.  

Sing a song, play an instrument or just stay there in meditation for some minutes, thanking the universe, god, your guides and angels for what is leaving you and for the new things that are already in your manifestation process.

It’s nice to end with a nice meal at the end.


Happy Winter Solstice!


Leticia Martinez Urrea

Intuitive Soul & Business Guide

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