Ending and Beginning

Photo credit:  Christopher Markisz

Photo credit: Christopher Markisz

Yesterday I was in bed in the morning about to get up, when I moved my leg to get out of bed and I felt a sharp sting. The first thing that came to my mind was “a scorpion”, so I uncovered the sheets quickly to see what it was and I saw it right there. I didn’t feel anger or a negative feeling towards the scorpion, I was neutral with my emotions, I just stared for a second a little and light brown scorpion. I thought of taking it out of my bed, but I didn’t want to lose time since I needed to act fast.

I called Cristy my daughter for help and I ran to get a scarf to use as a tourniquet to avoid the poison to move upward through my body.  Cristy helped me with the rest of the remedies we needed to do and I went to rest on a couch. The pain was a hot intense burning sensation in my leg, and I could feel how the poison started passing through the knee and going up, so I asked Cristy to get me another scarf to add another tourniquet and stop the flow of the poison, but it was too late now, maybe we stopped it a little bit, but some of the poison still went up, first into my groin (hip flexor’s area) and then higher to my throat.

I was calm and observing what was happening, maybe because I know what to do during an emergency. All this time I was concentrated in my breathing sending oxygen to all my body, sending more to my calf and focusing on maintaining open the airway. Even if I felt the poison in my throat, the airway was open and I kept breathing. Then I felt numbness in my head and tingling in my hands and feet. The poison was in my system for sure and the pain on my calf was sharp.

I started communicating with my body to see what else I should do, by asking questions, like “should I rub something else on my leg? – I got a “No”. “Should I drink water?”– I got a – “Small sips”, and other questions until I just knew that I had to go through the process and rest. I was also asking questions about “what is this scorpion's medicine trying to tell me?” the answer I got was “open yourself”. Oh dear, ok, it was telling me, don’t resist my medicine, and I thought I better pay attention to it.  

My friends came to check on me during the day, and helped to find the scorpion inside the sheets of my bed and took him back outside into nature. Cristy was my best loving nurse!

At one point, I felt like I needed to get in the shower. I was amazed at what the water was doing, I could feel all my body full of goose pumps like breathing out the poison. I knew it would be great to go to the hot spring waters next door, so I did. Wow, that was even more powerful than taking a shower! I was in the hot springs for about 40 minutes, then I came back home, went to bed and fell to sleep. I woke up this morning feeling like new. I felt reborn!

The scorpion’s spiritual meaning is about death and rebirth. In terms of a spiritual awakening, Scorpion brings the message of transformation. It may not be a fun message, but often in nature, something must die for something else to live. This death can be figurative (such as starting a completely new career path or quitting smoking as part of a healthier lifestyle).

There’s also a very interesting fact happening soon that I felt is related to the scorpion sting. The Solar Eclipse on August 21st when the moon blocks the light of the sun and then the light reveals again. Eclipses mark the end of something and a new beginning. It’s a letting go of the old, or what is not of use anymore in your life to start new again, like the scorpion’s meaning of death and rebirth.

This Solar Eclipse is in Leo. Leo is the sign of the Ego and the King, also is the transition between the innocence and the consciousness. This could be a very auspicious time if you take advantage of it, for your transformation.

In practical terms, what happens is that the unconscious emerges to reveal what needs to be understood so you can overcome. About two months before the eclipse, we start getting omens, or signs, from our unconscious to let us know what is that we need to work to transform.  Be alert and pay attention to the messages.

You can ask yourself:

  • What am I so attached to that I can’t let go?

  • Am I standing on my Ego or am I getting closer to my soul or my being?

In order for something new to come, you need to make space for it. That’s why it’s so important to “let go” and make space. Let go of control, let go of a relationship that is not good for you anymore, let go of a business that is toxic or corrupt, let go of an idea you are attached to and it’s not getting you any further.

I got a blessing from scorpion medicine that came to help me to burn some old karma, and I am grateful for it. He didn’t mean to do harm, he was just reacting to my touch in self-defense, and I “opened myself” to receive his healing.

You don’t need a scorpion, you will get an Eclipse! You can work on your own by paying attention to your omens, asking your ego to leave and making space by letting go of the old to let the new energy come to you!

Open yourself to receive the transformation and shine like a king!

Enjoy the show of the Solar Eclipse inside and out, starting today!


Leticia Martinez Urrea

Intuitive Soul & Business Guide

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