A Special Antenna!

Photo credit: google images

Photo credit: google images

It was the Summer of 2014 and the Soccer World Cup in Brazil was about to start. I was living at Lake Chapala and even if I am not a big soccer fan, I could feel the contagious excitement of Mexico all over the place. I decided to buy a TV screen to watch the games. I got home with my new screen the day Mexico was going to play vs. Brazil. I asked one of the workers, Manuel, that was around my house to please help me set up the screen. He set the screen in its place but when we connected the screen to the cable it wasn’t receiving a signal. Manuel went up on the roof of the house to see what was happening and he realized there wasn’t an antenna! He came down from the roof to let me know and we were trying to figure out how to solve the problem in a short time because the game was going to start soon and if I went to buy an antenna I would miss the game. I told Manuel, “remember that we used to use a hanger on the old TVs as an antenna when the antennas didn’t work?”. He said, “well, let me try”. He went back to the roof to connect the hanger with the cable. It didn’t work. He came down again and he said, “señora, I thing we need a much bigger antenna than a hanger”, I said, “should I go get one from the store then?”, he said, “no, I don’t think that will work either, you will need the cable company to bring you an antenna….. or…. I could use some big piece of metal instead”. I could see in his face that he had an idea, I said, “what could that big piece of metal be?” he said, “could I use the aluminum ladder that is in the backyard?” I said, “sure! we can try”, I was laughing just by thinking of how did he came up with that idea?!! Well, the aluminum ladder worked!!! Hahaha… There was a ladder on my roof working as an antenna and we could watch the game! It was a great game by the way Brazil – Mexico 0-0.

This is a funny story, I am laughing at the same time I’m writing it, but it has a great message and I wanted to share it with you.

Manuel was really trying to figure out a way for this to work. He didn’t stop trying after the hanger didn’t work. Who would’ve thought of a ladder to work as an antenna? What a way of thinking outside the box and to be determined that there must be another way of making this work!

How many times do you give up on something because it didn’t work the first time? Have you tried other ways before giving up? There are many, many ways to get where you want to go or to find a solution, your ways will only open for you if you are open to the possibility of another way. Try to get out of your box and see a bigger picture, a solution could be right in front of you... or in your backyard!! 😊

I encourage you to find your best antenna…you never know, it might be a ladder!

Enjoy your weekend!

Leticia Martinez Urrea

Intuitive Soul & Business Guide

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