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Feeling The Winds of Change?

The energies of the planet and their impact on us are getting stronger every time. Mayan prophecies, astrologers, Spiritual leaders, all are in agreement that this is the time to align with the new Earth’s frequencies and it is pushing us to make the necessary changes. Yes, the winds are changing and what worked in the past that is not in alignment, needs to reinvent or die!

What does this might mean for you? The way of thinking, doing, working, living, managing… everything needs to realign with the new frequencies. There is no way out, and if you are here, for sure you are feeling that something is moving inside you that is asking you to redirect!

At Your Soul Treasures we work at the core of your Soul to realign all the energy and discover your Soul Design and Soul Gifts. Instead of trying to figure things out, we go straight to see who you really are and why you are here for.

This is a treasure hunt, working through the shadow, reclaiming your gifts, clearing past memories, patterns and contracts that have been holding you back so you can fulfill your Soul’s purpose… and during the process, you’ll be delighted discovering Your Soul Treasures!!

If it’s part of your mission, we turn Your Soul Treasures into your Soul Business, or if you are already in business, we’ll align it with your Soul essence.



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Letting Go Of What’s Not Good For You, Creates Space For The New To Come

Why Your Soul Treasures Is For You


You are not happy with your life

You are tired of living in scarcity or in a life situation that is not good for you anymore and it’s draining you energy. You know you have more to give to yourself and you are ready to make it happen.

You want support and guidance

You know you have something to share, but don’t know where to start or how to do it, plus your mind is spinning and you feel confused and frustrated, and you are ready to move on!

Your life feels fragmented, distorted, with lack or fear

You have been suffering from an event in your life, a bad choice you made in the past, an unfortunate relationship, a “karma” thing… and you made the decision to end this, and start a new and better way of living.

You are ready to use your hidden power

You have been hidden for a long time and want to open your gifts to the world. You know that you are needed more than ever, and know that you could be of service for many.

You feel oppressed and stressed

You feel like it’s hard to breathe, hard to move and you know that it shouldn’t be like this and that there is a better way… and you are ready to liberate yourself and start a new beginning.

You are tired of working and not getting where you want

You are a hard worker, working many hours and just don’t make enough money. You are ready for a new way of living and a new way of generating income based on your Divinity.


Working At The Core Of Your Essence


At YourSoulTreasures we use several Soul Technologies that bring amazing results and create the precise corrections needed in you, so you can start operating with full swing in the new planetary ways and elevating yourself to higher dimensions!


To clear energy blockages from this or past lifetimes and know your Soul Profile including your Soul Group and Soul Assistance System.


To clear the energy so your space can be in alignment with your new vibration and in harmony.


To make the transition to the new energy frequencies, enter in the new paradigm and learn how the energy works every day, month and year and get in a better flow and synchronicity.


To see how your unique Soul Design best operates at physical, emotional, spiritual, mental levels and what is your Soul Purpose. It's like your "User's Guide" for this incarnation!

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Awaken Your Divine Gifts & Live Your Dreams


Your Soul Treasures 6 Month Program



We will have Akashic Records, Human Design and Mayan Cosmology sessions at the beginning of the program to set a firm foundation based on your Soul Design.

The following sessions will be developing as you start discovering who you are and what is your mission at Soul level.


Your Integration Process happens during the time in between sessions, where you will be accountable for opening your awareness and doing your inner work.

I truly respect your Soul’s Design and Purpose, and based on that, we will be moving forward in your transformation process for what’s next for you at your Soul’s speed.


Depending on Your Soul Purpose, the next steps could vary. One thing is for sure, many exciting things might emerge from working at Soul level! You could decide to start your Soul business or align your actual business to your Soul essence, be open to a new Soul love relationship or other magical things that your Soul will guide you to do!

I can only say that the work is profound and deep but it’s amazing and rewarding discovering Your Soul Treasures, and aligning with them only brings joy, fulfillment, synchronicity, prosperity and harmony to your life!


It’s A Pleasure To Be Your Guide

If you were attracted to my energy field, our Souls are calling each other!

How Do We Work

Working with you, is a Soul’s connection.

If you were attracted to my energy field, that means our Souls are calling each other, and is a pleasure to be your Soul’s Guide!

Here is how we work at Your Soul Treasures:

  • I hold your energy for the time we work together, meaning, I am by your side supporting you. I will know when you are up or down, and I am helping you do the work and sending support to you when needed!

  • We meet 2 times per month on Zoom for 90 minutes, where you get a recorded session.

  • You can message me anytime through email or Facebook Messenger if you need to.

  • You will receive additional bonus training videos and PDFs to help you during your journey.

  • You get special discounts at my Soul Retreats.

  • You get access to Your Soul Treasures Facebook group where you will find Soul partners, much support and love.


My Akashic Records session showed me with clarity the blockages I’ve been getting in this life as well as my strengths in a very concise and objective way. Leticia guided me through an inner journey where I could see my blockage and understand the root cause of it. That made total sense and I could understand the patterns I’ve been getting and how to stop going back to them again. I know what I need to let go of and what I can still use to keep moving forward and growing. I feel grateful of receiving this guide that gave me so much clarity in my life.
— Luz María Aguilar. Family Constelator. Mexico.
Sometimes experts give answers to questions that are not being asked. Leticia, intuitively, knew what questions to ask that resonated with my current situation. She did not give me the answers, she helped me to discover them myself. To me, that was very empowering. Lety is gentle and insightful and I came away from every session feeling very encouraged.
— Trish Beauchamp, Life Coach. New Zealand.
Lety is an intuitive guide who harness wisdom from something greater than the school of business. She has helped me gain clarity and focus on my path. I highly recommend her as both a business mentor and a guide and confidante.
— Niki Trosky. Author & Retreat Guide. Canada.


Meet Leticia Martinez Urrea

Leticia is on a mission to help people uncover their Soul Design and Soul Gifts to embody and shine their Light and turn it into a Soul Business. She’s the creator of Your Soul Treasures, known as the CEO of thought and business evolution and a luminary of consciousness.

She takes her clients into a deep, powerful and full of treasures journey, where she unblocks and clears the energy from this and past lives, teaches how to break negative patterns and beliefs, helps learning how to realign with their own natural life cycles and the new vibrations of the planet and shows how to use specific strategies to operate each unique human experience according to its own Soul Design.  

Know more about Leticia…

“I’m on a mission to help the new Earth people emerge by assisting them in remembering their Soul Treasures.”

Trust me, I can take you where you need to go!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Leticia Martinez Urrea

Intuitive Soul & Business Guide

Learn more about how you can too be on a mission of discovery of Your Soul Treasures!